Year Of Zayed

Who can register with Ejari? 

Anyone who belongs to the following category can register for Ejari Accounts.
1. Landlords
2. Property management company and its employees
3. Landlord representative
 Who can access the Ejari System? 

Anyone who has an Active Ejari account can access Ejari system.
 What if I forget my password?

To recover your Ejari password, you need to visit our forgot password page click here and follow the steps mentioned on the page.
What are the supported file formats for my contracts?

All the contracts in Ejari system are in ADOBE Acrobat PDF format.
How much does it cost to create an Ejari account?

Ejari account is absolutely free of charge.
Can I create management contract or tenancy contract before property approval?

No. All your properties have to be approved by RERA before creating any contracts.
Do I have to visit RERA to get Rent approval for my properties?

Yes. You need to print the Rent approval request from the Ejari system and visit RERA for approval.
How can I activate my tenancy contracts?

You need to upload the signed copy of the tenancy contract and press activate.
Can I create tenancy contract before approval of management contract?

No. Your management contract has to be approved prior to creating tenancy contract.
How can I add credit to my account?

You need to visit RERA to add top up your account balance.
How can I view the status of my properties and contracts?

Once you finish searching for your property or a contract, status symbol is available.
What do I do if I don’t know how to perform a certain operation?

You can visit our online help page to learn more about Ejari system.
How do I contact the Ejari customer support?

You can contact us by dialing 04-203-0541, 04-203-0542 or send an email to
where do I send my comments or suggestions about Ejari system?

Email us at
Can I change property information or contract information after approval?

No. once your property or contract is approved you cannot modify the information.